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Bridge the gap between
your data, your customers
and your KPIs

Optimove’s Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub removes the guesswork, guiding marketers towards the most effective personalized marketing communications, ultimately maximizing customer lifetime value.

Marketers have access to more information about their customers than ever before, and more ways to reach them. This is good news for marketers, because understanding a customer allows brands to communicate with them more effectively. However, most customers are still bombarded with marketing messages that are not relevant, appealing or timely enough. When you fail to engage your customers meaningfully, you’re leaving money on the table and neglecting one of your biggest growth engines – your customer base.

Optimove’s Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub bridges the gap between your data and your customers, and builds a pathway to their hearts. Optimove’s promise is that you will boost your KPIs by enabling emotionally intelligent customer communications.


With a CDP at its core, the Optimove solution is built on the notion that every customer’s behavior is different, dynamic and multi-faceted. That’s why our Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub mines all available data to provide deep insight into customers’ present behaviors, needs and wants, and also to predict their future behaviors. The goal is knowing which marketing actions will have the greatest impact on each customer’s satisfaction, in order to build long-term brand loyalty.

Optimove’s mathematically intensive predictive behavior modeling system provides you with priceless insights into your customer base, including customer lifetime value forecasting, churn and reactivation prediction, dynamic micro-segmentation and self-learning campaign optimization. It provides you with a high-definition picture of your customer base, which is the first step to achieving the Holy Grail of emotionally intelligent customer communications.


Orchestrating highly personalized, multi-channel customer campaigns and interactions targeting hundreds of distinct customer personas is critical for maintaining a competitive edge in this Era of Marketing Clutter.

The Optimove software orchestrates the automated execution of all your pre-scheduled and activity-triggered customer communications, over a wide range of marketing channels, putting a true multi-channel personalization powerhouse at the tips of your fingers. The Optimove marketing hub empowers you to target, manage and refine hundreds of granular, homogeneous customer segments, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement – and maximizing customer lifetime value!


Happy customers are at the core of happy businesses. Providing value to customers through intelligent, data-driven marketing communications is a strategic growth engine, maximizing customer lifetime value, spend and other KPIs. Emotionally intelligent interactions increase customer engagement and maximize their business with the brand.

Optimove’s Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub aligns your marketing efforts with your KPIs via a closed-loop measurement and recommendation engine. Based on predictive customer behavior analysis and precise financial uplift calculations of each campaign, Optimove’s powerful machine-learning personalization engine guides you to better monetize every customer. The Optimove technology is designed from the ground up to deliver the promise of personalized marketing, continuously improve it and generate significant strategic benefit for your business.

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