Campaign Automation

Optimove harmoniously orchestrates intelligent, highly effective customer interactions across a variety of channels, giving your customer marketing a scientific and agile edge.

Armed by insights from the Optimove Model, the system’s users are able to build customized target segments and easily schedule marketing campaigns for them. Optimove then manages the fully-automated execution of all campaigns over a wide range of marketing platforms, putting a true multi-channel personalization powerhouse at the tips of your fingers.

Full Visibility & Control

Grasp your entire customer marketing operation, review campaign performance and ensure 100% customer coverage in a single place. It’s your complete, comprehensive and easy-to-use marketing calendar!

Powerful & Flexible Customer Targeting through Campaign Automation

Deploy highly personalized recurring campaigns in minutes, and a complete personalized and automated retention plan in days. Easily target customer groups based on lifecycle stage, value segment, future value, micro-segment, risk-of-churn, activity history, purchase patterns, specific attributes and more – in any combination. Optimove makes it easy to target hundreds of small homogenous customer segments based on varied criteria.

Robust Multi-Channel Orchestration

Optimove runs your campaigns automatically at their scheduled dates and times, via predefined single or multiple channels. The software supports email, SMS, mobile push messaging, Facebook Custom Audience, Google Display Network, Twitter Tailored Audience, website banner ads, lobby banner ads, call center and many others. Use your existing tools and promo systems, or integrate with third-party systems through Optimove’s robust API. Achieve true multi-channel campaign automation.

Optimove’s Technology Suite

A unique combination of technologies which enables marketers the delivery
of highly-effective personalized customer marketing campigns

Predictive Customer

Campaign Automation



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