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Artificial intelligence and marketing automation are two advanced tools that allow marketers to automate and optimize tasks across the marketing spectrum.

Comparing vendor capabilities is difficult as each one bends the reality in their favor. That is why we encourage you evaluate Optimove and Bloomreach based on unbiased third-party reports.

CDP Leader on G2YesYes
Marketing Automation Leader on G2YesYes
Customer Journey Analytics Leader on G2YesNot Ranked
Marketing Analytics Leader on G2YesNot Ranked
Recommended for Realtime Event-Triggered Marketing by GartnerYesNo
Recommend as a CDP by GartnerYesNo
Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing HubsChallengerNot included
Included in Forrester’s Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign ManagementYesYes

Multichannel Marketing Orchestration Optimove and Bloomreach Comparison

Optimove is the leading CRM Marketing Hub, empowering brands to create and manage large-scale, CRM journeys, mapped by AI. Optimove autonomously surfaces valuable customer engagement opportunities, orchestrates self-optimizing customer journeys, and accurately measures the incremental impact of all marketing interactions. With Optimove leading brands such as Papa John’s Pizza, Dollar Shave Club, and JD Sports can scale from communicating with tens of segments to orchestrating hundreds of segments, resulting in customer loyalty, retention, and lifetime value maximization.

  • Realtime 360° view of every customer – gain access to always-up-to-date, unified customer profiles that combine data from your CRM, service cloud, data warehouse and more – directly within Optimove.
  • Predictive analytics enrichment – tap into out-of-the-box machine learning models that enrich your customer data with predictive values such as Future Value, Likelihood to Convert and Risk of Churn.
  • Campaign orchestration – leverage AI-driven journey orchestration capabilities to ensure customers always receive the treatment of greatest impact across any channel and at any given time. For example, harmonize SMS, digital ads, and emails to present customers with a fully aligned, personalized experience across all touchpoints.
  • Realtime marketing – send realtime triggered messages across any channel in response to customer behavior and/or external changes and events relevant to specific customers. For example, trigger differentiated webpage pop-ups for visitors from different loyalty tiers, and VIP emails when customers abandon their online cart or a product they showed interest in is back in stock.
  • Incrementality measurement – measure the incremental impact of every campaign, journey, and strategy on any business KPI by treating every interaction as a statistical test with test and control groups.
  • Smart optimization – Optimove continuously analyzes every campaign, in order to autonomously identify and deliver the best message and offer for each customer. Additionally, Optibot, Optimove’s marketing AI bot, surfaces actionable insights and recommendations for improving campaign performance such as irregular unsubscribe rates or new customer segments to target.

Contact us today to learn how you can use Optimove to orchestrate your marketing campaigns and customer journeys.