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Make your first career move a career-defining one


Why join, and how does it work?


  • Kickstart your journey: The Associates Program is a fantastic stepping-stone if you’re just starting your journey and looking for valuable work and life experiences.
  • Learn on the job: An Associate’s role is a 12-month, paid, 40 hours p/w position (including benefits and perks!) focused on you learning on the job, to help set a strong foundation for your future.
  • Supportive program: Each Associate role will begin with a four-week onboarding process covering the ins and outs of the position. Next up, three months of training where you’ll learn things like SQL, Python, Airflow, and more, depending on the role. Finally, we’ll provide helpful feedback and guidance to prepare you for your next endeavor!
  • We welcome Associates’ applications for the following roles:
  • You are eligible for the Associates program if:
    • You are a 2022 or 2023 graduate from any university
    • You are eligible to work in the USA – we cannot provide any sponsorships
    • You are comfortable working in our NYC office 3x a week.
  • We believe in people and understand that to grow and shine, you must be yourself.
    We provide an open, diverse, collaborative, and supportive work environment for employees of all levels.

Apply today, and take a big step towards paving your own path.

Program Overview

At Optimove, our mission is to provide a diverse, collaborative, and supportive work environment for employees of all levels. Investing in human capital is a key part of what allows us to grow and build a better future. The Associate’s Program is intended to be a stepping-stone for those early in their careers looking for valuable work and life experiences.


  • Strong academic performance
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently
  • Have work authorization in the USA
  • You can commute to our NYC office 3x a week

Program Structure

Associates are paid a salary for learning on the job and are required to dedicate 40 hours each week to the program. Associates are expected to work out of our NY office 3x a week. Each role has a 3-4 week onboarding process where they will be learning and understanding the role. If applicable, there will be about 3 months of training provided to learn technical programs like SQL, Python, Airflow, etc Towards the end of the program, associates will receive helpful feedback to prepare for their next endeavor!

“I am so lucky to work at such a fantastic company that has allowed me to find the best role for my career. The Optifamily made my switch from Sales to Customer Success frictionless and provided the support I needed during the transition”
– Jacob Studwell, Customer Success Manager

“I love how employee centric Optimove’s leadership team is. They happily provide all the resources to nourish your interests and development! The free lunch is a great addition to that”
– Raveena Ramnauth, Talent Acquisition Partner

“It’s an incredible feeling to be able to work at a company that is as invested in my growth and development as I am!”
– Carlos Cabrales, Data Integration Engineer

“The innovation is what brings you in, but the people is what makes you stay. Love the working environment of young talented professionals that are eager to learn, develop and serve.”
– Michal Liberman, CRM Associate

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