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Optimove Connect 2024: Highlights in Pictures

Discover key insights from Optimove Connect 2024

Take the next step with our CRM marketer evolution curve

Why it Matters:

Optimove Connect 2024 was more than just a conference; it was a place for inspiration, collaboration, and transformation in customer retention marketing. As the industry continues to evolve, events like Connect play a crucial role in equipping sophisticated marketers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and thrive.

Welcome: Our hosts Leigh Kalina, Senior Director of Sales, and David Hardy, VP Business Services, kicked it all off.

The future: The Positon-less Marketer: Pini Yakeul, Optimove CEO, coined the “Position-less Marketer” – showing all attendees their future success path.

Next-Gen Marketing Advancements: Shai Frank, Optimove’s SVP of Product, followed by announcing next-generation advancements to Optimove’s AI-powered Suite, OptiGenie, plus more new features to empower marketers. 

KeyNote: Neil Hoyne, best-selling author of “Converted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts,” and Senior Fellow at the Wharton School and Chief Strategist at Google, shared his insight into how brands can create deep customer relationships. 

The CRM Marketer Evolution’s Curve Guide 

Download this guide to learn about the 5 stages of a marketer’s evolution. Discover which level you are on and how you can move up.

Andrew Stewart, DAZN’s Senior CRM Manager, Technology, presented on the streaming giant’s evolutionary journey towards smart targeting.

Maximizing Optimove: Matthew Gilbrey (left), Optimove’s Director of Personalization Offering, and Rob Davis, Director of Personalization Technology, present to a jam-packed audience on how Opti-X, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform, creates personalized customer interactions by leveraging Optimove’s CDP to drive the customer experience across all touchpoints with relevant and timely content. Just one of several sessions on maximizing Optimove.

Jam Packed Houses 

Roundtable Discussions – Six roundtable engaging discussions focused on the future of customer retention marketing, what’s now, and what’s next. 

Panel: Exploring Winning Retention Marketing Strategies: (from left to right) Erik Holt, Optimove’s VP of Channels moderates the discussion with Stanislaw Solon of Betfan, Lydiane Ardry of Betway Group, and Marcel Martins of Soma Grupo.

Panel: Marketing Across the Customer Lifecycle: (from left to right) Varda Tirosh, Chief Customer Officer at Optimove explores the evolution of marketing across the customer lifecycle with marketing experts Dimitris Mpekos of Novibet; Giulia Diomampo of SpaceNK, and Aleksandar Vignjevic of Infobip 

Connecting with cocktails over London

Day 2

KeyNote: Rusty Warner, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, said in his keynote on “The Future of the Obsessed Customer:” “You heard a lot about scale and sophistication from Optimove, and you certainly need that in your martech ecosystem. You will need to be able to understand your customers and orchestrate these experiences at scale across a wide variety of channels.” 

Panel: Marketing in the Light of GenAI: Seated left to right, Optimove’s VP of Marketing, Rony Vexelman engages the discussion that illuminates key points GenAI in marketing, with Paul Sephton, Jabra, Head of Brand Communication, Eduardo Dos Remedios, VP of iGaming at Symphony Solutions, and Mantas Ratomskis, Lifecycle management & CRM at Kilo Health 

Panel: Digital Personalization: Standing on the (Cutting) Edge: Optimove’s VP of Revenue, Growth Verticals, Eddie Patzsch, leads an engaging discussion with key takeaways for attendees. Panelists pictured from left to right: Eddie, José Pedro of Imperial Brands, Katharina Gasch of Air-up; and Maria Grigorova of

OptiCircle, The Optimove Community: Launched at Connect to overwhelming initial membership – pictured left to right, Lacey Gaitan, Director of Marketing Growth, Noa Marcus, Sr. Product Manager, and Yarin Singolda, Customer Marketing & Community Manager.

Closing Keynote by Stan Bashmashnikov, Senior Director, Marketing Technology & Operations – FanDuel: Goes deep on the iGaming leader’s Journey to the Center of MarTech: Speed & Scale. 

Optimove’s Rony Vexelman closes Connect 2024 with an invitation to Connect again in 2025.  

The CRM Marketer Evolution’s Curve Guide 

In the end 

If we saw you at Optimove Connect, we hope you made true connections to help you be a marketing leader. If you could not attend and want any of the insights shared to help you in your marketing, contact us.   

And, of course, if you want to start marketing with the customer – a great starting point is to request a demo.  

For Optimove, with our team, clients, and partners, Connect was the ultimate in ReConnecting! 

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