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Like Playing on Black Friday? We Bet You Do

The holiday season usually refers to shopping, but gaming companies shouldn’t consider the festive months a resting period. What’s the difference between Black Friday and a normal Friday? How does the deposit amount vary and who plays more – men or women? Our holiday research reveals it all

In our two most recent blog posts, we discussed Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We debated how to treat our VIPs during the holiday shopping season, and whether the efforts marketers and businesses directed towards these days are really worth it. Now, to get a larger picture, we will delve into the gaming industry.

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday naturally relate to shopping, they drive a lot of attention from players – people are already accustomed to receiving an extra number of offers and discounts, and bonuses are no different. Our research – gathered from seven major companies totaling over 8m people — provides some interesting insights on the changes between the verticals.

Just Another Manic Monday

The graph below is way different than the e-commerce version. Here, we can see that the number of Cyber Monday customers who made a purchase is below 100%, which means the number of customers on that day is lower than the average. Black Friday’s numbers, however, reach well above 100%, and are consistently higher than Cyber Monday, just as it was for e-commerce.


One might think everyone is busy shopping on Cyber Monday and that’s why the number of bettors is lower than average, but because we know from previous research that there is a difference in the number of bettors between different days of the week, we wanted to check these special days and compare the stats with an average Monday and Friday.


As we see from the 3rd graph (average of all years), there is a big difference between regular Mondays and Fridays (players like to bet on the weekend), however Cyber Monday still has more bettors then an average Monday, and the same goes for Black Friday (in compare to an average Friday).

We can learn the same thing according to years: Black Friday remains around 30% higher than a regular Friday, while Cyber Monday (until last year) also had higher numbers; the amount of customers are around 10% higher compared to a regular Monday.


Shopping Around

The next graph refers to the average deposit amount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared to the yearly average. Here we see that on these two special days, there is a difference in not only the number of players (like in the previous graph), but also in the deposit amount.

Even though the amount deposited on Black Friday is quite similar to Cyber Monday in the past three years, Black Friday had a higher deposit amount and both figures are pretty close to the yearly average (below 100% is lower than the yearly average and above 100% is higher).

One explanation to this phenomenon could be that since Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become so popular for e-commerce and customers spend a significant amount, the number of people who deposited on these days was lower than average in the past two years.


One last thing we learned focused on the question of who plays more frequently, men or women, and our findings were unexpected. Initially we assumed women would probably deposit less than their average on Black Friday, as the shopping probabilities elicit a stronger attraction, but we found out that women deposit the same amount as any other day. Surprisingly, the men are the ones who deposit less on November’s shopping days – almost 5% less than their average.

In conclusion – we can learn that although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are justifiably considered a holiday for retailers, gaming companies should continue to use this opportunity to attract new players, offer better promotions and bonuses, and let their VIP clients taste the festiveness of it all with special care and support.

Contributor: Omer Liss

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