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Optimove Insights’ May iGaming Pulse Snapshot: Less New US Players as Monthly Deposit Increases

Optimove Insights is the analytical and research arm of Optimove, the #1 CRM Marketing Solution for iGaming and Sports Betting 

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Why it Matters:

Optimove Insights’ May iGaming Pulse Snapshot, focusing on the Americas, examines changes in deposit patterns and player behavior and the impact of upcoming summer sports. With events like EURO 2024, Copa America, and the Paris Summer Olympics coming up, understanding these trends is crucial for sports betting operators to optimize player engagement and retention strategies.  

Key Takeaways:
  • Optimove Insights’ iGaming Pulse provides iGaming operators with unprecedented visibility into industry performance and benchmarks. 
  • The Pulse reveals that in May, the number of new US players dropped as monthly deposit amounts per player increased. 
  • The Pulse registered a notable shift in the average monthly deposit amount per US depositor, which increased by 37%

In May, the trend of a decreasing number of First Time Depositors (FTDs) in the US continued, showing a significant 36% drop compared to the February baseline. The chart below illustrates this trend. 

As the dust settles on the excitement of March Madness, there’s a significant drop in the number of new players joining the action. New players tend to place bets around peak events like the Super Bowl, March Madness and Euro 2024. 

Amid that drop, the Rest of the World saw a 9% rise in FTDs compared to the February baseline. This suggests the excitement around the summer of sports events outside the US is higher. 

The Pulse also registered a notable shift in the average monthly deposit amount per US depositor, which increased by 37%. This change is visualized in the chart below. 

This increase in deposit amounts is not surprising. Typically, new players tend to wager smaller amounts when they first register, which initially lowers the average monthly deposit amount per player. As these players become more comfortable and engaged with the platform, their deposit amounts are likely to increase.  

But the more likely scenario when dealing with new players is simple – they churn. In Lieu of these smaller bets, the overall average spikes. Long-term, active depositors who play consistently, not only during peak events like March Madness, are more consistent, engaged, loyal, and valuable for operators.  

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Optimove recommendations  

The reduced number of new players in May presents a unique opportunity for operators to ensure continued engagement and retention. For example, operators could focus on personalized loyalty rewards tailored to individual player preferences and betting habits.  

Engaging players with exclusive promotions or VIP incentives could further solidify their loyalty. Additionally, implementing targeted communication and messaging based on player behavioral data can enhance their overall experience, fostering a deeper connection with the brand and platform.  

This strategic approach strengthens player retention and cultivates a community where valued players feel appreciated and encouraged to remain engaged beyond seasonal sporting peaks. 

In summary  

While May saw a decrease in new players, it also marked a significant rise in average monthly deposits per player, highlighting the importance of personalized player experiences to maintain engagement and maximize lifetime value. 

For more insights, visit the Optimove Insights iGaming Pulse – a unique industry benchmark tool that provides operators with daily access to industry-wide benchmarks and KPIs. 

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