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ICE 2024: The CRM Lightning Talks Are Back in Action

Five experts. Five topics. Ten minutes each. Every hour.

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Why it Matters:

Due to popular demand, Optimove’s much-anticipated Lightning Talks are making a return at ICE 2024 between February 6th and February 8th!  2024 Lightning Talks cover crucial gaming topics presented by Optimove experts and are a “must-attend” for any marketer looking to quickly up their game in the gaming industry. 

Key takeaways:

Just in time for ICE, the ultimate gaming event of the year – we’re bringing back the highly sought-after 10-minute lightning talks.  

In the past year, we’ve been delivering impactful talks at numerous events, and now, we invite you to join us for our latest talks on gaming. 

Learn more about each topic and why you should attend below. 


CRM Lightning Talk # 1 – How to Turn Casual Players into VIPs   

Punal Shah, a Director of Strategic Services​ at Optimove, will lead the first talk, delving into questions such as, “What’s the difference between a Recreational Gambler and a VIP Gambler?​” and “How can strategies be tweaked for the long tail of customers to engage them like VIPs?​” 

Embracing diverse markets for maximum gains enables a holistic and adaptable approach. So, look forward to details on strategies initially designed for VIPs and how they can be effectively scaled and adapted to resonate with the broader demographic of recreational gamblers.  

Shah will also discuss strategic opportunities to expand and enhance your brand’s overall success. 

Guide to Advanced Customer Segmentation

CRM Lightning Talk # 2 – Euro 2024 Playbook: Win It All Without a Ball 

This pivotal talk, led by Jonathan Collins, Strategic Services Team Leader, is crucial for anyone interested in understanding the power of the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship in your CRM marketing plan. 

As we gear up for the mega-event, operators can anticipate an influx of casual players and new depositors. Collins will reveal the importance of a well-devised game plan before, during, and after the event, outlining specific objectives for different user groups in each phase. 

Also, stay tuned for more details on how to make the most of National Team match days using real-time communication, along with best practices on how to continue marketing to active players “the day after” as domestic football resumes. 

CRM Lightning Talk # 3 – Flip the Channel: Why Go Multichannel 

Roni Sfadya, Marketing Data Analyst, will dig deep into reaching customers on the right channel at the right time by leveraging smart data utilization based on customer preferences. 

And in cases where prior data is lacking, operators want to tap into the power of machine learning to generate informed strategies and improved outcomes. (You’ll see why.) 

The best part? Operators who properly embrace a multichannel approach can expect a significant rise of 25% in overall uplift.  

CRM Lightning Talk # 4 – How AI Optimizes CRM Marketing​ 

In this cutting-edge presentation, Jonathan Inbar, a Director of Strategic Services at Optimove, will share valuable insights into the effective utilization of AI in CRM as an unbeatable gaming marketing strategy. 

This talk will explore how to identify and target the most promising segments. Inbar will also focus on those “likely to” engage and how to streamline and enhance customer journeys on a large scale to ensure optimal experiences.  

Inbar will provide attendees with all the details on how AI optimizes CRM marketing – stay tuned! 

CRM Lightning Talk # 5 – ​The real MVP: real-time sports data 

In this final 10-minute talk, Matthew Gilbery, Director of Personalization Offering, explores how to elevate player loyalty and expand your sports betting offerings to enhance the player experience across various channels, fostering a seamless and enjoyable interaction.  

Gilbery will focus on how to leverage the potential of CRM Marketing and Real-Time Sports Data to increase engagement, forge even stronger one-to-one relationships with your players, and optimize the overall gaming experience.  

Finally, Gilbery will present the use of data and analytics to create a personalized experience for players in-platform and its positive impact on engagement, retention, and revenue.  

The Guide to Advance Customer Segmentation

Go in depth on advanced segmentation with this guide which was written based on analyzing tens of thousands of segments across Optimove’s customer base.

Optimove CRM Lightning Sessions Schedule  


11:30     The real MVP: real-time sports data  
               Matthew Gilbery, Director of Personalization Offering, Optimove           

12:30     Euro 2024 playbook: win it all without a ball  
               Jonathan Collins, Professional Services Team Lead, Optimove  

13:30     Flip the channel: why go multichannel    
             Roni Sfadya, Marketing Data Analyst, Optimove        

14:30     How AI optimizes CRM Marketing  
              Jonathan Inbar, Director of Strategic Services, Optimove  

15:30    How to turn casual players into VIPs    
              Punal Shah, Director of Strategic Services and Crystal Wong, Data Insights consultant, Optimove  


11:30     The real MVP: real-time sports data  
               Matthew Gilbery, Director of Personalization Offering, Optimove           

12:30     Euro 2024 playbook: win it all without a ball  
               George Adegbola, Data Insights consultant, Optimove  

13:30     How AI optimizes CRM Marketing                
               Jonathan Inbar, Director of Strategic Services, Optimove 

What’s new this year? 

This year, Pini Yakuel, CEO, Motti Colman, VP of Revenue, Shai Frank, VP of Product, and Moshe Demri, SVP of Revenue, are attending. So don’t be shy about coming to our booth and saying hello! 

Also, an Opti-X designated area at our booth will give a visual representation of how marketers can deliver personalized experiences in real-time with Optimove’s digital experience platform.  

See you there! 

In Summary:  

Get ready for the ultimate lightning talks on everything CRM for gaming professionals.  

Our stand is located at N5-110, right by the N5 entrance.   

To book a meeting, Contact Us.  

For more insights, Request a Demo.    

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