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How Adore Me Increased Revenue with Optimove?

Optimove was the missing technological link in Adore Me's growth strategy. Learn how Optimove's personalized marketing capabilities help this up-and-coming company improve its KPIs.

Adore Me is a subscription-based lingerie brand. In only four years, it has become a force to be reckoned with, creating a disruption in a market dominated by giants such as Victoria’s Secret and La Senza.

Adore Me’s innovative business model and technologies focus on a personalized customer experience. On the 1st of every month, the brands’ customers receive an invitation to a personalized showroom, out of which they can choose their buy of the month. As this is a time sensitive offer, customer communication is an essential business driver.

However, when trying to grow their business, Adore Me’s VP of Marketing, Chloé Chanudet, and Head of CRM, Josselin Petit-Hoang, felt that for all the company offered in terms of product personalization, it was lacking a personalized approach to customer communications. “The number of existing customers kept growing and growing so we couldn’t address all those customers the same way,” said Petit-Hoang. “Some customers purchase more than others, some are younger, some are older, and we cannot treat them the same way.”

Adore Me recognized that a message that worked for one type of shopper wouldn’t resonate with another, but it had been scheduling emails manually and targeting was done based on a single attribute at a time. Moreover, The company lacked multi-channel capabilities to reinforce its messaging and had no way to attribute actual monetary uplift to each campaign.

Optimove’s Personalized Marketing Solution

The company wanted to do a better job of segmenting and personalizing its campaigns. But segmenting campaigns using Adore Me’s existing systems was an impractical, labor-intensive process. Optimove was the missing technological link. Less than a year after Adore Me started using Optimove, the company had seen these outstanding results:

Here’s how Adore Me used Optimove’s marketing automation software:

Segmentation: The marketing team started out with five segments that automatically received emails every day. Using Optimove’s exploration tools, they then identified specific segments, for which they developed extremely targeted campaigns. For example, when a customer unsubscribes from Adore Me’s membership, she receives an email sequence to let her know that she can continue to shop on an as-you-go basis even though she is no longer a member. VIPs who’ve opted out automatically recieve emails five, 10 and 15 days after leaving. This campaign brings back more than a quarter of VIPs, with a 26% reactivation rate. “We are personalizing the incentive based on who you are,” explains Petit-Hoang. “If you are an active customer, you get an incentive to make you buy more. If you are an inactive customer we’re not trying to increase your order, we’re just trying to get you to shop.”

Multi-channel: Email used to be the only communication channel for Adore Me. Optimove’s multi-channel capabilities allowed the Adore Me team to communicate with each customer through her preferred channel. “Optimove gives us the ability to really manage each channel easily within the same interface. Using Optimove, we see incremental improvements in the results we get from each and every channel,” says Petit-Hoang,

Testing: From “spray and pray,” Adore Me graduated to testing its campaigns scientifically. The marketing team now launches every new campaign using a control group. After they analyze the results, they fine-tune the content in order to receive the required result. Only after the campaign has proven to bring real uplift do they send it to the full segment of customers.

“Our Targeting is Unlimited”

“Optimove is a hub for all of our marketing efforts. We have our content there, then we add segments and in the end we get automated campaigns,” says Petit-Hoang. “Before we had Optimove we were very limited in the targeting we could do. Now, I have a list of all of my customers in the software with hundreds of customer attributes and it’s very easy to create segments. I can do it myself without the help of any IT guy. Our targeting is really unlimited.”

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