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The Customer Journey Marketing Plan: Manage and Optimize Infinite Customer Journeys

The latest version of Optimove's Relationship Marketing Hub enables marketers to re-imagine traditional, funnel-based customer journey maps to deliver more relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

At Optimove, we believe in infinite customer journeys. According to our philosophy, there are actually an infinite number of different combinations of activities, behaviors and paths that customers can take. In order to most effectively communicate with each individual customer in the context of his/her actual activities, behaviors and preferences, the pre-planned, map-based approach just doesn’t cut it. A customer’s relationship with a brand can go down an endless number of roads, and marketers need to be able to intervene at any touchpoint along these infinite journeys.

A recent article published by MarTechAdvisor sets out to explain why customer journey optimization systems is the future of marketing automation. According to MTA, today’s version of the customer journey map should cover each individual’s unique path of touch points, make contextual decisions at each subsequent interaction, and automate this process at scale. Such an approach will ensure the unique path each customer has taken up until this moment informs the next message or offer we deliver at a 1:1 level.

Optimove’s Customer Journey Marketing Plan is designed to do just that.

Incorporating Philosophy and Product

In order to facilitate infinite customer journeys, the Optimove customer model relies on a micro-segmentation-based approach. This approach focuses on dynamically segmenting similar customers into many small micro-segments, or “customer personas,” based on their “behavioral DNA.” It uses customer data and predictive behavior modeling to identify the most important intervention points – and the best kinds of responses and activities for each – which brands can leverage to maximize customer satisfaction and engagement.

Optimove’s new Customer Journey Marketing Plan feature supports infinite customer journeys not only at the model level, but also at the execution level. The Optimove product team has been working hard on incorporating the company’s philosophy into a highly usable, interactive execution platform. The Customer Journey Marketing Plan provides graphical visualization of how particular marketing interactions affect customer future value at particular points during their journeys. It’s an innovative new tool to help customer-centric businesses visualize, manage and optimize customer journeys.

A New Reality

While the traditional approach to managing customer journeys relies on a number of static, linear customer journey maps, customers in the digital, cross-screen age can actually take an infinite number of different journeys along an ever-evolving and dynamic scheme.

Optimove’s new platform is designed specifically to support infinite customer journeys through an interactive interface that more closely resembles a terrain-based map than the linear, funnel-based maps that have traditionally represented customer journeys in other products. This new interpretation of the customer journey provides more accurate and complete customer coverage with greater flexibility and adaptability, by accounting for where each customer is on their current journey rather than where they fall on a particular funnel or pre-defined linear path. Thus, the Customer Journey Marketing Plan enables the data-driven execution and evaluation of all marketing actions across all journeys, with all the information required to plan, execute and oversee winning personalized marketing campaigns.

Marketers are often exuberant when they believe they have nailed their customer journey map. In reality, however, each customer forges his own unique journey, and in order to stay relevant, brands need to reach out to every customer with the right message at the right touchpoint along that customer’s own personal journey.

Significantly Improved Results

The Customer Journey Marketing Plan enables marketers to visualize the effects of their marketing actions for all customer segments through automated and realtime multi-channel communications, regardless of where customers are in their journey. This closed-loop marketing engine delivers significantly improved results across all marketing KPIs and a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.

The new Customer Journey Marketing Plan upgrade is a main feature of Optimove version 4.5, now available to all of the company’s 200+ clients. This newer, more sophisticated approach provides greater and more accurate customer coverage, with greater flexibility and adaptability. In fact, there is no other practical way to manage the infinite customer journeys that are, quite simply, a fact of life.

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Paz Holender

Paz has led the design of the Optimove platform from day one. An avid software designer and project manager, Paz thoroughly enjoys overcoming the technological challenges of developing state-of-the-art algorithms and Big Data processing to help online businesses maximize their business performance.