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Quick Ways to Adjust Your Communications for COVID-19

It’s what everybody’s asking. Including our clients. So we gathered some more tips

In the past few weeks, I have had many meetings with clients – b2c/d2c brands from different verticals – who all seem to ponder over the same question: what’s the best way to communicate with your customers in such uncertain and sensitive times?

It’s impossible to keep up their planned campaigns with spring holiday themes and regular promotions that talk about standard routines.

Everything has changed, our social lives, professional lives, and even the way we think about things.

What used to be important isn’t as important anymore. Other things became more critical. And, we have to address all these subtle changes in the smartest way possible.

In many ways, it means marketers need to adapt and to reinvent themselves. To do so, communications must adjust.

But, how, exactly?

The first dilemma I’ve encountered is as follows:

Brand A – prefers to talk about the fact that we’re all at home.
Brand B – prefers not to mention it at all.

Since this situation is very new to us all and no one has experienced it before – there’s no right answer.

So how do we approach such questions at Optimove? That’s right: we test!

The first situation is more straightforward. Brand A just needs to express that “We’re all on the same boat” or more popular now – “We’re all in this together.” Us, our clients, our competitors. And this, first and foremost, is a good conversation starter.

For Brand B, or those who prefer the it “goes without saying solution” – cross-selling is key:

1. The customer used to buy in-store only? Cross-sell them to your online site, and offer them a discount.

2. There are no sports events to bet on? Cross-sell these players to your casino, bingo, and poker platforms:

  • a. For customers who have never experienced these products, offer them a better promotion (even free) to incentivize them to try it out.
  • b. For players who have been around for a while, check out their customer activity and playing history and try to remind them of games they used to play, like, and perhaps even win on!

This, among other things, highlights the more critical-than-ever need to master not only your communications – but also your customers’ online user experience.

Creative Takeaways for All

1. Keep Entertaining Your Client

An idea for sportsbook operators is to remain an entertainer for clients using quizzes, online trivia, and crossword puzzles.

2. Incorporate Social Responsibility into Your Business

Show what your brand is doing to help society. Are you donating to charities or other non-profit organizations? This certainly helps with brand perception.

3. Host Online Workshops

Knitting workshops for a fashion eCommerce site or online streaming shows for an event tickets site could work. And hey, this can be used across all verticals!

4. Create Loyalty Programs Now That Pay Off Later

Create a promotion – “Play casino games today and get points that’ll be converted to your sports betting balance later.”


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Tanya Szwarcbard

Tanya is a data enthusiast with a passion for applying data insights to marketing challenges. A veteran Marketing Data Scientist, Tanya works closely with CRM executives of top online entertainment and e-commerce businesses on building their retention marketing programs, better understanding their customers, and taking their CRM methodologies to the next level. She holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.