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Presenting: A Treasure Chest of CRM Knowledge

Looking for a wealth of brilliant ideas, insights, best practices, and DIYs to deepen your hold of Relationship Marketing? Look no further than this post

What if I told you there’s one place with answers to questions such as how to engage customers in the era of marketing overload, or what is the real value of a lost customer? Can CRM be a strategic advantage? What are some gaming CRM strategies that work? How to structure marketing strategies in the age of the customer? How to build a smarter CRM strategy? What are some right CRM strategies and models when talking about subscription vs. transactional? How to survive and thrive in the Amazon era? What drives loyalty, and how much effect do we have on it? And so much more.

What if we told you that these answers were given by experts, executives, practitioners, and professors that come from companies such as Dollar Shave Club, Stitch Fix, GVC Group, Facebook, Google, Leo Vegas, GoDaddy, Lucky Vitamin, Sweaty Betty, Sisal, Funstage, Adore Me, Outbrain, My Heritage, Ebury, B&H,, Fortuna, Bet365, Fiverr, J.Jill, Delivery Hero… and many more successful consumer-obsessed organizations?

And what if I told you that that’s not all?

Think about marketing professionals from, ZEE5, Carbon38, Groupe Dynamite, MyTheresa, GlassesUSA, Lifesum, Rebecca Taylor, DVF, Culture Trip, and Talkspace gathering and answering burning questions, such as how to create value for every customer, always? How to win with long-term customer engagement? How to build customer-obsessed marketing? How tech can a CTO and CMO be BFFs? How to create the perfect alignment between the brand, the customer, and your technology? How to calculate CRM Contribution? How to predict customer behavior? How to test and measure your pricing strategy? Or how to turn your one-time buyers into repeat purchasers?

You’ll probably tell me that I’m selling something. Which is true. We all are. But then, I’m guessing since you are most likely interested in EVERYTHING CRM, you’d be happy to get a link or two, so you can get your hands on all that goodness.

Boy, is this your lucky day, or what?

See, here’s the thing: all the above is taken from the four agendas of the 2015-2018 renditions of Optimove Connect – the premier event in Relationship Marketing – and from this year’s upcoming predecessor, PostFunnel Summit (October 28-29. Yes, next week).

It just might be a little too late for you to make it for the 2019 PFS (and if not – some remaining tickets may be available here). But that doesn’t mean we will leave you hanging.

Over the next few weeks, we will dissect and import a lot of insights from next week’s event here, on Optimove’s blog. So, make sure to swing by every week for another piece of DIY, thought leadership, best practice, and other valuable bits of knowledge.

In the meantime, as promised, here is a bunch of links to keynotes, workshops, and panels, followed by snippets of what to expect in this year’s event.

Recap: Optimove Connect 2018

Where Gil Rotem, Former Board Member of Bet365 Group, walked the audience through building a smarter CRM strategy.

Recap: Optimove Connect 2017

Where Blake rIving, former CEO of GoDaddy, talked to us about how beliefs can make or break your company.


Recap: Optimove Connect 2016

Where Golan Shaked, former Deezer’s CCO and gaming giant bwin’s CMO, told us about some gaming CRM strategies that work everywhere.

Recap: The First Optimove Connect (2015)

Where Barak Libai, professor of Marketing at the Arison School of Business, shared his research findings about the true costs of losing a customer.

Upcoming: 2019 PostFunnel Summit

Where slides like these…

…will enlighten us about customer’s habit.

Or these…

…will give us insights towards how to effectively and authentically combine storytelling and promotions in emails.

Or these…

…would take us through the steps of building a solid recommendations model.

Or videos like this one:

…will help spark conversations about the future of data, real-time, and how AI can help CRM Relationship Marketers get a meaningful edge.

Well, we can’t wait to go through it all LIVE next week. Can you?

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