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Survey Unveils NFL Bettors’ Preferences to Help Sports Betting Operators Drive Deeper Player Engagement and Implement Responsible Gambling Strategies   

Bonus game day stats: 70%+ more NFL gamblers on game days compared to non-game days. This bumps up to 80%+ during the NFL playoffs. January 14, 2023, saw the big boost is the number of Super Bowl Sunday bettors at 113% above average 

Why It Matters 

The Optimove 2023-2024 Report on NFL Wagering provides invaluable insights for sports betting sites to elevate engagement, foster loyalty, and promote responsible gambling practices. A surprising finding reveals that NFL bettors experience less marketing fatigue than online shoppers, but most use multiple betting sites.  

Select Survey Details: 

  • Wagering Behavior: 63% bet on games weekly, 69% during NFL season. Popular bets: point spread (59%), over/under (53%). 
  • Future Intentions: 70% intend to bet in 2023-2024. Top bets: point spread (62%), over/under (53%), moneyline (46%). 61% engage in live bets. 
  • Budget & Responsibility: 36% wager $11-$50/bet. 81% budget, 92% aware of responsible gambling resources. 
  • Marketing Fatigue: NFL bettors suffer less – only 37% want fewer messages, in contrast with 66% of online shoppers.

NFL Bettors have less marketing fatigue

than online shoppers of general merchandise - 

Read the report for more detail and see that more than half of NFL bettors use two or more sites. 

Actions for Sports Gambling Sites: 

First and foremost, sites should Integrate Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Multichannel Marketing Hub (MMH) for comprehensive insights. 

With that foundation, sports sites can use AI to automate personalized game recommendations based on historical data and real-time interactions. Plus, they can implement real-time event triggers for timely personalized messages during games. And the unify the player experience, sites can deliver consistent cross-channel messages for a unified customer experience. 

The CDP empowers sites to utilize segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns based on betting history and preferences. Sites are then empowered to develop behavior-based automation triggered by user actions, like live betting engagement. Promotions can be tailored and offers created on individual betting patterns and preferences. CDP insights also enable sports gambling sites to determine optimal message delivery times. Sites can then continuously track campaign performance and iterate based on user responses. For sites, loyalty is the name of the game. 

Above all, starting with player data, a sports betting site can integrate responsible gambling resources to encourage healthy betting habits.

Extra Point: Chiefs’ Odds and Super Bowl 

Chiefs were respondent’s top pick to win the Super Bowl, despite slim historical odds for back-to-back champions. According to the Bleacher Report, “each of the 18 teams that won the Super Bowl between 2004 and 2021 failed to win the following season.” 

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Bonus game day stats: Real results from real NFL bets. The Super Bowl betting spike!

Optimove, in working with top sport betting sites, tracked betting trends from last year’s 2022-2023 NFL season.

Number of bettors higher, amount of bets lower.

Overall, there are 70% more NFL gamblers on game days compared to the entire period’s average. This bumps up to 80%+ during the NFL playoffs.

January 14, 2023, saw the big boost in the number of Super Bowl Sunday bettors at 113% above average.

First-time depositors (FTD) in the online gambling industry measure of new players to iGaming sites. First-time depositors increased by +697% on Super Bowl Sunday compared to the last pre-season Sunday – Sep 4th, 2022.

After NFL ends? Only ~30% of February’s new depositors stayed active in March.

Also, for NFL bettors, online betting is clearly a mobile-first activity as 90% of sports bets during the NFL season (Sep – Feb) were placed on a mobile device.

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