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Make Every Day Valentine’s Day: Make Customers Fall in Love with Relevant, Timely Product Recommendations

Unlock the magic of Opti-X – your secret weapon for love-infused customer connections – on Valentine’s Day, or any day

Take your customer segmentation to the next level with our advanced guide

Why it Matters:

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to rekindle the love story between a brand and its customers.   Optimove’s most captivating features – Opti-X and real-time – can reignite the spark. These magical tools help increase response rates, return on investment (ROI), customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. 

Key takeaways:
  • Explore the enchanting capabilities of Opti-X , designed to ignite customers’ love and loyalty in a heartbeat.  
  • Opti-X delivers real-time, personalized content recommendations, creating genuine and deep connections with a brand’s customers.  
  • Real-time data adds extensive targeting and messaging capabilities that puts customers first and ensures timely and meaningful interactions. 

Magical Feature #1: Opti-X – The matchmaker 

Opti-X, Optimove’s real-time content recommendation engine, helps marketers deliver personalized, in-the-moment recommendations on their website, app, and marketing channels without guesswork or complexity.  

It pairs each individual customer with a perfect product recommendation by using flexible testing to determine what works and what doesn’t.  

Using signals from source websites, such as social networks and Google, along with other metrics like first deposit amounts and first pages viewed – Opti-X determines the best product fit for a visitor, making it a true connection. 

This data-driven approach empowers marketers to build long-lasting customer relationships and consistently provide exceptional, personalized experiences. 

Guide to Advanced Customer Segmentation

A Customer’s First Order 

A customer’s first order is the most significant event in the customer’s journey, and it holds clues for increasing the longevity of customer relationships.  

Ignite a spark as soon as customers lay eyes on a brand’s website and ensure their customer’s first purchase happens as fast as possible.  

Expand customers’ long-term potential by correctly understanding and using “first purchase” characteristics. 

For instance, Optimove proprietary consumer data based on a number of gaming clients shows that the quicker a customer is convinced to spend – the more they will spend with the brand.  

More specifically, the study found that players who made a purchase on the same day of registration spent $147, whereas other players, who made a purchase in the following week after registration, spent only $138. 

Therefore, offering a limited-time introductory bonus that expires on the same day – is a good incentive to get them going. 

More tips to spark customer loyalty:  

  • Offer different types of personalized content to different customer target groups. For example, VIPs will be served recommendations based on their past interactions, while new customers will be served trending items. 
  • Enrich customer profiles with attributes for product preferences and be specific – for instance, gaming operators want to create a target group of customers who are “recently reactivated players with a strong interest in Tennis.”  

Magical Feature #2: Real-Time Data – Getting acquainted 

Once a customer has formed a connection with a brand, Opti-X adds a layer of real-time data to target and market campaigns. 

Real-time data allows marketers to target customers’ web and app activity, then trigger campaigns based on this activity, and use online behaviors with any other customer data to create more personalized target groups. 

Engaging ways to use real-time data for campaign targeting:  

  • Enables a timely  personalized email to a registered visitor or known customer following a sign-up or specific action from a website or mobile app. 
  • Empowers marketers to send a personalized email to a registered visitor or known customer due to an unfinished sequence. For instance, a cart/browse abandonment email. 
  • Reactivate churned customers upon website visit. An opportune time to incentivize churned customers to complete a purchase is while they are on a brand’s website and about to make a purchase. Communicate with them at an optimal time by activating a website pop-up as follows: 

Engage customers for a compelling experience on a brand’s website or app. 

By tracking the behaviors of each customer over time and matching the most effective campaigns to each customer segment, marketers can maximize customer loyalty, spending, and lifetime value.  

The Guide to Advance Customer Segmentation

Go in depth on advanced segmentation with this guide which was written based on analyzing tens of thousands of segments across Optimove’s customer base. 

In Summary  

Marketers can show customers how much they mean to your brand on Valentine’s Day – or any day. 

With Opti-X and its use of real-time data to target and trigger campaigns at the opportune moment, marketers will  capture attention, drive action, and improve the customer experience, benefitting the brand and the customer.  

For more insights, request a demo.  

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Ben Tepfer is a storyteller with over a decade of experience in product marketing. He is passionate about driving growth through innovative product marketing strategies. As the Director of Optimove, Ben drives the shaping of the narrative and positioning of the company's cutting-edge technology. Ben specializes in developing comprehensive product marketing strategies through storytelling to showcase the unique value propositions of Optimove that resonate with target audiences across diverse industries. Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, Ben is a thought leader in marketing technology. He frequently shares his insights at industry conferences, contributes articles to leading publications, including Entrepreneur, Adweek, Cheddar, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, and MediaPost, and engages with the marketing community.