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Your Shopify Store Should Feed You Data: Here’s How

Optimove’s seamless out-of-the-box integration with the ecommerce giant allows marketers to easily create sophisticated retention tactics – a must for any growth-driven brand

The brands that are most successful at retaining their customers and increasing Lifetime Value are those that excel at personalized experiences. While many settle for using a customer’s first and last name or age and call it a day, to master true personalization and use it to maintain a competitive advantage, marketers need to leverage all available data. That includes historical customer data, behavioral data, predictive analytics, and realtime streamed events, among others.

Using Optimove’s out-of-the-box (OOTB) integration with Shopify, marketers can utilize realtime customer data streamed from Shopify to personalize and contextualize the customer experience, and increase customer retention by doing so. Marketers can also flawlessly orchestrate campaigns across any channel to ensure each customer receives the most appropriate treatment without risking communication fatigue while maximizing LTV.

Brands using Optimove with Shopify can:

  • Track customer activities on Shopify to enrich customer profiles in Optimove
  • Leverage predictive analytics to optimize website pop-ups
  • Encourage customers to purchase their abandoned carts
  • Flawlessly orchestrate campaigns across any channel

Let’s break it down.

Track Customer Activities on Shopify to Enrich Customer Profiles in Optimove

Onsite customer activities disclose a lot of information about customer preferences and habits. Using Optimove’s OOTB integration with Shopify, marketers can identify when a visitor becomes a customer for the first time and when they completed an order. While it may seem that first-time visitors do not provide a lot of information for marketers to work with, since humans are creatures of habit, there are many pieces of information that marketers can gather based on that interaction alone.

For example, customers’ “purchase day” and purchased products are excellent indicators of their preferences.

Marketers can use that information to create personalized campaigns to deliver on the customer’s preferred purchase day, recommending items from their preferred product category.

Leverage Predictive Analytics to Optimize Website Pop-ups

Reactivating churned customers is challenging. Finding ways to build a stronger connection and retaining them is easier while they are still active. That being said, encouraging customers who are about to churn to remain active will require heavier promotions than retaining a loyal customer.

While marketers can determine a threshold, such as two months, to activate a churn prevention website pop-up for customers who visit their site for the first time in a while, setting a unified threshold for all customers may result in reducing the brand’s profit margins, as every customer has a different purchase frequency.

Leveraging Optimove’s predictive churn factor, marketers can optimize the promotions they offer and ensure that they are only offering heavy promotions to customers who have missed two or more of their expected purchase dates. That way, they can limit their churn prevention offers only to customers who really are at risk of churning.

Encourage Customers to Purchase their Abandoned Carts

Items left in a cart can be one of the most frustrating scenarios for brands, but they shouldn’t be. A customer who collected items to a cart just provided an abundance of information that marketers can use to encourage the completion of the current or future purchase.

Customers who added items to a cart typically have strong purchase intents, but even if not – they provide information about some of their preferences and shopping habits.

By identifying when customers abandon a cart, marketers can set an automated trigger, delivering an email to the customers who abandoned their cart. By including the specific items customers left in their cart, marketers can personalize the emails they send and increase the likelihood of completing their purchases.

Flawlessly Orchestrate Campaigns Across Any Channel

With marketers gathering more information about their customers, they often begin creating more moment-based customer interactions. The result of that is that many times, customers are eligible for more than one campaign. To make matters worse, as marketers begin to introduce realtime customer marketing, a customer who was eligible for one campaign in the morning may be eligible for a different campaign in the afternoon.

As Optimove ingests real-time events from Shopify and many other data sources and connects to any execution channel, marketers can use Optimove’s AI Journey mapping, which autonomously prioritizes campaigns and journeys based on their ability to maximize customer lifetime value.

Alternatively, marketers can use Optimove’s prioritization and exclusion methodologies, which allow marketers to manually prioritize campaigns to ensure that while customers may be eligible for more than one campaign each day, they receive the most appropriate one.

If you are using Shopify and would like to learn more about how Optimove can help you scale your personalized CRM Marketing, contact us.

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Gabriella Laster

Gabriella Laster is Product Marketing Manager at Optimove, responsible for prospect marketing and product messaging. Gabriella holds a B.A. in International Relations and English Literature and an Executive MBA from Hebrew University.