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Watch (and Bookmark): 6 DIY Workshops from CRM Experts

From tech and analytics to execution and orchestration challenges, day 1 of PostFunnel Summit 2019 (formerly Optimove Connect) - our annual global CRM leadership event - served hundreds of CRM experts with a bunch of especially-actionable workshops. Find them all here

The challenges faced by CRM marketers are always evolving. It’s a living and breathing creature, as customer behavior and tech advancements play a cat and mouse game, leaving the marketer striving to keep up. Making sure your customers are enjoying a journey that meets their expectations while you try to keep up with competition, is a very complex task.

In late October 2019, a couple hundred such marketers gathered under one roof to exchange ideas of how to overcome these challenges and keep growing. The place: Tel Aviv. The event: PostFunnel Summit (formerly known as Optimove Connect).

During the very successful first day (of two), 11 Optimove experts and one innovative partner gave six especially-actionable workshops. The range of topics touched execution, orchestration, tech, and analytics. If you missed the acutal event, or if you want to be review, you can find them all below.

1. Pricing Effectiveness: How to Test and Measure Your Pricing Strategy

The price is right. But is it, really? Finding the right price for you, your product, and your audience(s) is a real challenge. Minimizing the consumer surplus and the trade-off between low and high price is crucial. In this session, we learn how to ask the right questions, embark on a price-test, analyze the results of a pricing A/B test, and get a look into a real-life case study.

2. Prediction Isn’t Prophesy! Reverse-Engineer to Predict Customer Behavior

Yes, hindsight is always 20/20, and prophecy is for fools. But being able to know now what you will probably learn tomorrow is such a valuable proposition, no wonder people can’t get enough of trying to predict the future. And when we say “people,” we also mean “marketers.” In this workshop, we take you on step-by-step guides to building recommendation models and creating a VIP potential model, that will give you a good look into how your customers are likely to behave. It’s not magic. It’s science.

3. Under the Hood: A Sneak Peek Into How Real-Time Marketing Works

If you like the food, don’t get in the kitchen, they say. But what if you want to go home and make the same dish yourself? Then, you’re going to have to take some heat. That’s the price of going behind the scenes. But trust us, it’s worth it, especially when it comes to Realtime Marketing Campaigns, as they open a variety of new ways to reach and convert customers. By acquiring a basic understanding of the mechanics – from how data is tracked in realtime, to how customers are identified and how we trigger offers – you’d be able to leverage this channel to its full extent.

4. Quick Churn Is Not Inevitable: How to Turn Your One-Timer Into Repeat Purchasers

As much as everyone likes a shortcut, getting to B without first going through A is impossible. Driving customers to the all-crucial second transaction means preventing first-timers from becoming one-timers. But how? It starts by realizing how crucial the second purchase is, continues with identifying potential one-timers and correctly defining customer lifecycle stages, and ends with understanding that not all one-timers are the same. Sounds like a lot? Lucky, you can find it all here in one workshop.

5. CRM Contribution: Know What Your CRM Is Worth. And How to Improve It

Understanding the incremental revenue generated by CRM campaigns is the eternal conundrum, and as marketers are focusing more and more on retention-marketing, the need for a CRM Contribution KPI is a challenge many of them experience daily. Learning how to make the business case for CRM internally, the components of CRM contribution and how to calculate it, determine metrics that have an impact on this KPI, and how to increase CRM contribution, are all increasingly valuable tools for the modern marketer. You’ll find them all in this workshop.

6. Email Tales: Using Storytelling Emails to Build Relationships and Foster Brand Loyalty

While it seems as if everyone agrees that “Content is King,” many can’t tell what Storytelling precisely is. Let alone how to put it into smart use, at the heart of complex content initiatives. In “Email Tales,” we’ll break down the primary principals of Storytelling, learn how to implement them in emails, and how combining them with dynamic, data-led features can support relationship-marketing and boost customer loyalty.

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