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Introducing Optimove’s Strategic Services

Optimove’s Strategic Services division specializes in working with clients to create business value through data-driven customer marketing and monetization strategies.

Optimove’s team of data scientists have years of experience working with companies on analyzing customer data, formulating winning retention plans and executing them. Now, we are proud to offer this expertise as a service under the umbrella of Optimove’s new Strategic Services division, headed by Shauli Rozen.

Shauli Rozen is a tech and data expert, consultant and business leader, specializing in creating business value through data-driven marketing and monetization strategies. His previous positions include Director of Strategy at Amdocs and Management Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, where he advised senior management of Fortune 500 companies. Shauli holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA from the Wharton Business School in the University of Pennsylvania.

In order to portray what Optimove’s new services offering looks like and how it will affect the future of customer marketing, we asked Shauli to answer a few questions about his team, plans and agenda.

What is your value proposition to marketers and businesses?

At the most basic level, we bring a very systematic methodology and rich set of best practices for customer engagement, marketing and monetization programs. Along with rigorous data analysis, this structured approach enables our customers to run increasingly personalized programs and to continuously improve the personalization granularity of their customer engagement activities. The result is significantly reduced churn rates and increased customer lifetime values.

In your experience, what do marketers struggle with most in today’s data-driven marketing scene?

Knowing how well they’re doing. Good marketers are never happy with the status quo and continuously struggle with, “Could we have done better?” kinds of questions. This phenomenon is especially prominent in two scenarios. The first one is benchmarking: marketer performance is measured by KPIs, but they rarely know how their KPIs compare to similar companies in their space. Very often we’re asked questions like, “Is my churn rate good?” or “What retention rate targets should I give my CRM team?”

The second issue keeping marketers up at night is marketing investment. There is always the question of whether or not our marketing investment is optimal. For example: We offer 50% cashback as a promotion, but would we have the same results with a 40% cashback? Or: We sent promotions to our VIPs to get them to buy more, but how can we determine if maybe we would have done better if we actually offered promotions to our broader swath of weaker customers?

For this reason, a major part of the methodology we offer companies is focused on constant measurement and A/B testing. I’m not referring to A/B testing an email subject-line based on open rates, but rather to A/B testing of entire marketing strategies based on actual user engagement and financial results.

What are your team’s main strengths?

No offence to my team, but they are geeks. Both data geeks and marketing geeks. Just the other day we had an excited discussion about the elasticity of bonuses and the psychological impact of promotions. They are very much into understanding the business of our customers, testing all kinds of innovative and out-of-the-box data marketing methods. They love their job! This, and the fact that they’ve seen so many marketing programs, monetization strategies and user response data, is their most salient strength.

With the increase of readily available marketing technologies, will marketing become any easier?

Well, it’s going to become better, but I’m not sure about “easier.” More automation and more data will help reduce much of the day-to-day marketing hassle, but it creates more room for ideation and innovation – which is harder. This will no longer be general ideation and creative work, as marketers will be required to support their ideas and innovative approaches through data and analysis that will require some new skills. Marketers will have no choice but to become more analytical. While products like Optimove mean that they won’t need to become full-blown data scientists, they will still have to become more analytical and “data curious” to be good at their job.

What is your key message to today’s CRM professionals?

Company executives are increasingly realizing the opportunity that better communication with existing customers offers to drive revenues and growth, a fact that is very exciting to retention marketers. To stay at the top of their game and realize this opportunity, customer marketers need scalable, agile methodologies and deep insights into their markets, data and customers – as well as the application of new capabilities, processes, technologies and structures. Our newly formed Optimove Strategic Services Team is adept at rising to these strategic marketing data challenges – on any scale. We are at the cutting edge of data-driven customer marketing, and we’re at our best when we are challenged by clients to help take their business to the next level.

For further information about Optimove Strategic Services, contact us here.

Read the formal Optimove Strategic Services press announcement here.

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