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ICYMI: CRM Best Practices for 2020

From the way marketing is changing, through insights around technology and strategy, to best practices, and more - Day 2 of PostFunnel Summit was yet another event packed with CRM know-how. Find it all here

Last week, we posted here the six super-useful workshops from Day 1 of our global CRM leadership event, PostFunnel Summit.

There are so many more wonderful bits of CRM knowledge from those two days that we must share. So, here is Part 2 – everything that went down on that stage on the second day of the conference.


Opening Remarks: Goodbye Customer Centricity, Hello Customer Obsession

Optimove’s VP of Marketing, Amit Bivas, kicks off PostFunnel Summit with an overview of today’s consumer, marketer, industry and the overarching challenges we’ll be discussing throughout the day.

Panel: Deconstructing the Modern Consumer

Today, when customers interact with a brand, they aren’t just looking to buy a product or service. They expect a full-blown experience. Customers want brands to be adaptive, to manage their expectations and always keep relevant, to be there when needed and to otherwise stay away. Modern consumers know what they want, and expect the brand to know it as well. In this panel session, veteran marketers from a variety of industries discuss the changes they’ve experienced in customer expectations, how the modern consumer interacts with their brands and how they are meeting ever-growing customer requirements.

  • Moderator: Veronika Sonsev, Partner, Chameleon Collective


  • Arie Tom, SVP Marketing, GlassesUSA
  • Alan James Mansfield, Head of Casino Operations, Funstage, a Novomatic company
  • Louise Mian, Director of CRM, Lifesum
  • Michelle Fischer, Director of Digital Merchandising & eCommerce, Rebecca Taylor

Keynote: Managing 200M Relationships: How ZEE5 Disrupted Indian TV

With double-digit growth rates, India’s video streaming market is on fire! Behind the scenes is a crowded, highly competitive market, with a wide selection of vendors, low switching barriers, elevated acquisition costs and demanding consumers. In this session, Tarun Katial, CEO of ZEE5, the fastest growing video streaming vendor in India,  shares how his team communicates, engages and builds relationships with its 200 million (!) customers.

Keynote: MyTheresa Creates Value for Every Customer, Always

For many years, luxury fashion has enjoyed strong customer loyalty. However, in the past decade, as online shopping has grown and evolved, customers have become agnostic to where they shop, and earning customer loyalty has become an ever-growing challenge. Mytheresa, an industry leader in the world of luxury online fashion and retail have tackled the loyalty challenge by creating a unique shopping experience tailored with luxury and convenience in mind. In this session, Claire Ribiere and Katharina Stuntebeck, Senior CRM Managers at Mytheresa share how they have earned customer loyalty by building a CRM strategy that creates value for each and every customer.

Keynote: Marathon, not Sprint: How win with long-term traveler engagement

The digital travel industry, exceeding $560 billion, globally, has undergone many changes and disruptions over the past few decades. More people travel for business and pleasure, and more vendors competing over their wallet share. In such environments, creativity is key to win over the competition. In this session, Yannic Pluymackers,’s Chief Marketing Officer, shares how they became a leading force in the online travel industry, with a long-sight marketing approach, focusing on nurturing and engaging travelers across multiple channels.

Panel: Building Customer-Obsessed Marketing

Ever-growing competition over consumers results in a demanding customer with endless choice. The only way to successfully market in this environment is to obsess over your customer. Such obsession translates into strategy, org structure, branding and more. In this panel, leaders from customer-obsessed brands share how they translate their obsession into action.

  • Moderator: Greg Sterling


  • Alex Baillargeon, Senior Director of eCommerce, DVF
  • Lucian Manolache, CRM Manager Owned Channels, Culture Trip
  • Ron Benita, Head of Retention, GVC
  • Elisha Singh, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Talkspace

Fireside chat: When the CTO and CMO are BFFs: Tech at the Service of Marketing

Many times marketing and IT don’t get along very well. Marketers, who aren’t naturally born techies, are heavily dependent on IT resource, while IT resource is a highly valuable and limited resource shared across the entire business. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Today’s CTO understands and values modern marketing needs, and can become the marketing org’s secret weapon. In this foreside chat, Boris Droutman, Carbon38’s CTO shares how a close relationship between marketing and IT can become a competitive advantage.

  • Moderator: Agathe Westad, Director of New Business, Optimove
  • Speaker: Boris Droutman, CTO, Carbon38

Keynote: The Customer Transformation: How Groupe Dynamite Built The Perfect Alignment Between The Customer, The Marketer and Technology

Modern customers are ever-evolving and require marketers to quickly adapt in order to accommodate customer expectations. Brands that succeed to leverage technology and revamp their marketing to move at the speed of their customers, enjoy the benefits of long-lasting relationships with the modern consumer, and significantly contribute to the strength of their brand.

Groupe Dynamite have roots planted firmly in the terrain of fashion’s retail landscape, with more than 400 stores worldwide in addition to leading global ecommerce sites. In this session Ian Richards, Groupe Dynamite’s VP Digital and Loyalty discusses its recent transformation, perfectly aligning between the customer, the marketer and technology, empowering the creation of ever-relevant, customer-centric experiences across online and offline channels and interactions.

Closing Remarks: Relationship Marketing is the New Marketing

It’s time to sum things up! Optimove’s VP of Revenue, Yoav Susz, connects the dots made throughout the day and share thoughts on the next phase of the customer-marketing-technology continuum, leaving you with plenty of food for thought until next year.

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