Add-On Products

Extending Optimove’s core relationship marketing technologies and capabilities, a number of add-on products are available to help smart marketing teams exhibit even greater emotional intelligence when communicating with their customers.

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Track & Trigger

Track & Trigger adds an extensive set of targeting and messaging capabilities to Optimove’s core relationship marketing hub. By turning raw activity inputs into actionable data, Track & Trigger enables marketers to capture and record the on-site and in-app activity of individual users in realtime (both known customers and unregistered visitors); to serve personalized realtime messages that are triggered by specific user behavior, as defined by marketers in the Optimove user interface (no IT required); to target users and personalize their messaging based on their activity; and to answer business questions and analyze customer behavior.


Track & Trigger helps marketers increase conversions, improve long-term customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value, by providing:

  • Higher-resolution customer segmentation and campaign personalization
  • Unlimited event tracking and cross-device/cross-platform tracking in Web and native mobile
  • Marketing-defined user-activity campaign triggers with no coding or IT resources required
  • Multiple realtime execution channels, including website pop-ups, mobile push notifications, immediate emails and any other available execution system via Optimove’s Realtime API
  • Comprehensive response tracking and analysis, including automatic test and control group allocation, and A/B/n test campaigns


Optimail is Optimove’s native email personalization and delivery platform, powering all aspects of preparing, delivering and tracking hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns. Seamlessly integrated within Optimove, Optimail offers marketers a rich email platform especially designed for personalized customer marketing. Optimail’s advanced feature set includes a visual template editor, true cross-client preview, personalization tags linked to any database field, conditional template customization, delivery validation and testing, multi-brand email management, personalized realtime campaigns, and automatic product recommendation, replenishment reminder, and transactional/confirmation emails.


Optimail integrates the most advanced customer email platform available with the world’s leading customer relationship management hub, delivering:

  • Increased email relevance through unparalleled email personalization and customer hyper-targeting that leverages all available Optimove data and insights (customer database, customer model, activity tracking, predictive analytics, AI recommendations, etc.)
  • Increase sales, customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value, using Optimail’s automatic product recommendation emails, automatic replenishment reminder emails and dynamic template content (including data-driven permutations and per-recipient text/image content customization using conditional if/then/else clauses)
  • High deliverability through the combination of first-rate technology and a specialized deliverability support team
  • Response metrics, including opens, clicks, time spent in email and monetary uplift, reported and utilized as customer targeting criteria across all channels
  • No integrations or external services required – Optimail is an integral part of Optimove


DynamicMail enables marketers to embed dynamic, interactive content into emails in order to further increase the relevancy and engagement of customer emails. The content of DynamicMail-powered emails is updated in realtime, via a live database connection, at the time each recipient opens the email, ensuring the most relevant message for every customer, every time. Already powering more than 2 billion emails per month, DynamicMail is another means of fulfilling Optimove’s vision of empowering brands to exhibit emotional intelligence when communicating with their customers.


  • Further increases the engagement and effectiveness of the most effective relationship marketing channel
  • Brings the high level of personalization and interaction available in other channels to the email inbox
  • Ensures that each customer sees the most relevant messages, products, prices and offers, even when emails are opened long after being sent
  • Supports a wide range of use cases, such as: always show accurate current pricing, only promote products that are currently in stock, show product recommendations based on each customer’s most recent browsing/purchase activity, and embed personalized interactive content (video, countdown timers, store locators, social media feeds, carousels, reveals, etc.)


Optipush is Optimove’s native mobile messaging delivery platform, powering all aspects of preparing, delivering and tracking mobile push notification communications to customers, seamlessly from within Optimove. Optipush is used to deliver hyper-targeted mobile push notifications to granular segments of customers, based on Optimove’s core micro-segmentation capabilities. This allows marketers to automatically hyper-target very small customer groups with tailored messages, via iOS and Android, based on their very specific behavior patterns, preferences and characteristics. Optipush supports both pre-scheduled and activity-triggered realtime mobile push messaging campaigns.


  • High deliverability – The combination of first-rate technology and a specialized deliverability support team maximizes the number of messages that will actually be seen by customers.
  • High-resolution customer segmentation with dynamic content personalization, for both pre-scheduled and activity-triggered communications.
  • Comprehensive response tracking and optimization – Optimove can report on the most effective action via A/B/n test campaigns, as well as the actual financial uplift of push notification campaigns through the use of test and control groups – an entirely automatic process.
  • No integrations or external services required – Optipush is an integral part of Optimove.

BI Studio

The Optimove BI Studio is a business intelligence reporting system embedded within Optimove. Optimove’s Strategic Services Team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and then crafts personalized, interactive BI reports that are accessed within the Optimove platform, using Microsoft Power BI Embedded technology.


  • Powerful reporting – BI Studio can generate accurate and comprehensive reports based on any facet of a company’s business data. Based on Microsoft Power BI Embedded (PBIE) technology, these reports are vibrant and rich, enabling all types of business users to understand and act on the information presented.
  • Interactive data visualizations – BI Studio excels at offering a wide range of data visualization capabilities, transforming massive amounts of data into intuitive visuals that communicate meaning and encourage interactive data exploration.
  • Completely personalized – The bespoke reports created by Optimove’s Strategic Services Team deliver the exact information desired by each client – datasets, KPIs, visualizations, etc.
  • Best practices built in – Optimove’s Strategic Services Team leverages its many years of experience working with hundreds of clients to ensure that reports provide the most valuable insights in the easiest ways.
  • Granular access permissions – Access to BI Studio reports is based on Optimove’s standard role permission settings.
  • Integrated with Optimove – With no need to start using additional tools or worrying about data synchronization, the Optimove platform provides sophisticated BI reporting and analysis.

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