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How to Leverage Web Push Messaging to Engage with Active and Churned Players in iGaming

Unravel the power of web push messaging for gaming operators in the final part of our Three-Part Series.

Re-engage your churned customers with this guide

Why it Matters:

Web push, a potent channel in multichannel marketing, plays a pivotal role in engaging both active and churned players. Through timely and personalized communication, marketers can leverage this impactful tool to rekindle player interest and bolster ongoing player engagement. 

Key takeaways:
  • Web push boosts resonance across customer stages, capturing non-depositors, engaging active players, and reactivating lapsed users. 
  • Spotting high-risk churn scenarios lets marketers intervene, using FOMO and compelling CTAs for active players. 
  • Loyalty program players seek personalized rewards and exclusive games, making web push a potent tool for continued engagement. 
  • Churned players, with deposit balances, are prime for reactivation via targeted messages offering promotions. 

Crafting web push campaigns tailored to specific player lifecycle stages significantly improves their resonance with your audience—be it by capturing non-depositing players’ attention, nurturing relationships with active players, or re-engaging lapsed users, it’s a key part of any Customer-Led Marketing strategy. 

In Part One of this 3-part series, we looked at why web push campaigns designed for each player lifecycle stage is the optimum approach.  

Part Two examined the utilization of web push notifications across the diverse stages of the player lifecycle that players experience.  

This third and final part dives into the Active and Churned player lifecycle stages. (*Note: In the charts below LCS = LifeCycle Stage

Active Players = Risk of Churn 

In this scenario, if the active target group has been identified as having a high risk of churn, or it has been more than seven days since their last activity it’s time to proactively intervene.  You can do so by, capitalizing on their Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), weaving in an element of intrigue, and prompting them with a compelling Call to Action (CTA). 

Loyalty Program Players Value VIP Treatment 

Loyalty program players value personalized rewards, VIP treatment, and access to exclusive games. Fast payouts, personalized offers, and engaging tournaments further enhance their gaming experience, fostering lasting loyalty.  

In this example, once the player reaches a threshold of points gained thanks to their activity, they get a web push message encouraging them to gain the few missing points and earn a gift. 

How to prevent churn and reactivate customer

Churned players – an opportunity for reactivation 

Churned players present a valuable opportunity for reactivation and sustained player loyalty. These players have previously demonstrated interest, and a targeted effort is more likely to reignite their engagement. Addressing the reasons for their churn and successfully reactivating them not only boosts immediate revenue but also contributes to building a more stable and loyal player base over the long term. When they log back in after a period of inactivity, you should acknowledge that, and begin a process of nurturing them back to activity.  

In this example below, it’s been one day since they logged in after a period of inactivity, and are encouraged to continue playing with a 30% cashback as bonus. 

Most Churned Players have a deposit balance – reignite them 

Optimove’s data reveals a promising trend: players within their first month of churn, yet still holding a balance, exhibit higher reactivation rates. Surprisingly, 60% of churned players retain a deposit balance. Capitalizing on this insight, reaching out to these players presents a compelling opportunity to encourage them to utilize their remaining balance, complemented by an enticing promotion to reignite their engagement. 

In this example the player has been inactive for at 28 days or less, but still holds a balance. The CTA encourages them to use that balance and enjoy 10% off their next bet. 

The Guide to Re-Engaging Lapsed Customers

Identify at-risk and lapsed customers and bring them back with this guide.

Engage and reactivate players with Optimove’s web push solution 

Optimove’s innovative solution offers native web pop-up and push capabilities to revolutionize personalized communication across web, desktop, and mobile. Enhance conversions with fully customizable messages, strategically optimized overlays, and Web-to-App banners, all orchestrated seamlessly by Optimove’s AI.  

Incorporating these best practices sets you on the path to harnessing the power of web push messaging for player engagement, increased conversions, and an enriched user experience. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Optimove can help Operators capitalize on web push campaigns, contact us to Request a Demo.    

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