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We Know What Your Players Did This Summer: Euro, Olympics Bettors Benchmarks and CRM Strategies

For gaming operators, summer 2021 is everything summer 2020 was supposed to be. Does it mean your brand was prepared to make the most of the new influx of players? Where are you against the competition? And are you already planning for the next big thing?

Major sporting events present numerous challenges to online gaming and betting operators, especially when it comes to CRM. Most of these challenges can be called, instead, “opportunities.” That’s why a year ago, in the summer of 2020, so many had to find new, creative ways to keep their players and customers entertained. In case you spent the last 18 months on another planet, we’ll remind you that it was supposed to be a huge summer for gaming – the kind that happens every four years, with the Euro (European football championship) taking place first, followed by the Olympics.

And so, last summer’s major challenge was cross-selling – keeping your mostly-sports players engaged while there are not many sports going on.

You can learn more about it on this video:

We also provided lots and lots of CRM Marketing content about other ways marketers should deal with the effects of the coronavirus.

In one of them, titled “Multi-Product Gaming Operator? Here’s How to Mitigate The Impact of COVID-19” – which was based on a case study with Fortuna Entertainment Group – we told about how the joint effort between Optimove and Fortuna led to mitigating the impact that COVID-19 had on its sports betting players and to more than doubling the likelihood of sports bettors to play casino during H1 2020.

This is still very useful content that we encourage you to check out.

But that was last year. Then came 2021 – and under coronavirus restrictions, we got both events underway. And with them, a mixed bag of opportunities for gaming operators to act on.

One significant opportunity that rises from such a summer – not unlike the holiday season for retailers – has a lot to do with getting to know your new “major event” customers and treating them in a way that would maximize retention and customer lifetime value.

You see, the influx of new customers that major events bring (again, similar to how holidays bring waves of new customers in retail) is composed differently than your “normal” batches of new customers. They don’t come for the same reasons, don’t behave in similar ways, and need different CRM treatment to become returning customers.

When it comes to the sophistication that is required in order to maximize CRM KPIs among major event-sports bettors (or “holiday shoppers” in retail), there are different approaches you should consider.

One way to do so would be to “Keep Your Losers Close but Your Winners Closer.” In the gaming industry, companies tend to focus on players who produce most of the revenue, the biggest losers. Optimove research tested what happened on the other side of the scale – the players who won big – and uncovered how important they are.

Another one deals with “timing.” There’s this saying, “nothing is worse than meeting the perfect person at the wrong time.” When you communicate with your players or send them offers on a specific day, even if it’s your best performing day, you are missing out on many golden opportunities to get so much more. Read and realize: Why there’s a good chance you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.

An increasingly popular strategy is, of course, realtime. It’s no secret that a holistic CRM strategy must include both scheduled and realtime campaigns. But it’s also true that most CRM marketers could do a lot better when it comes to leveraging realtime capabilities. The numbers in this blog post will surely do the trick in getting those marketers feel a little FOMO.

When asked “what new marketing techniques have you incorporated this year that you love?”, Vojtěch Krňoul, Group CRM Manager at FORTUNA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP talked about realtime, too, saying: “in-game notifications, also during intermissions, have become an important part of the 2021 CRM strategy here, providing realtime engagement through mobile devices to clients who are hungry for major live sports events and the attractive offers that come along with them.”

Eventually, though, regardless of your strategy of choice, any such method should be relaying on and analyzing clean, updated data – telling you all you need to know about these new players coming in, and how the personalized treatments they need should look.

And, when it comes to analyzing that summer data, Optimove and its Strategic Services team are here to help.

They sit on mountains of industry data, benchmarks, analysis, and conclusions that all have been tried and tested and proven successful – also in turning your new summer players into repeat customers at good rates.

Even a small nugget of data such as players’ behavior from a specific country is something smart CRM teams can prepare for in advance when taking the calendar into account and triggering cross-selling campaigns for when the local team is eliminated, for example.

So, of course, the larger data sets should also be considered when planning your CRM activity before, during, and after major events.

From breaking down behaviors and trends through the lenses of daily bettors, deposits, revenue, lifetime value, and more, to looking at the numbers from geo-location angles, judging player behavior according to the real-world events, and other analysis and benchmarks – if you want to know where you stand, how you should react to these trends, and be better prepared for the next influx of new players – contact us. Our lines are open (and might be busy with a competitor of yours. We’re just saying.)

In the meantime, you can also check out our popular iGaming Pulse for quick access to some useful industry benchmarks.

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