Drive 1-to-1 customer retention
campaigns with the ultimate in
customer modeling technology.


Revolutionize Your Customer Retention Efforts!

Optimove is Web-based software that implements a systematic approach to running, measuring and optimizing customer marketing campaigns. With Optimove, marketers and customer retention experts maximize the lifetime value of every customer by consistently achieving the best match between every campaign and every customer.

In other words, Optimove’s unique customer modeling technology understands every customer – and accurately predicts how each marketing campaign will impact their behavior. Armed with this insight, marketers unlock the magic of one-to-one marketing campaigns to convert more customers, increase spending and reduce churn.

Marketers use Optimove to build, track and optimize a comprehensive customer marketing plan. The software integrates with email service providers, message boards and multi-channel campaign execution systems to automatically deliver campaigns to customers at scheduled times.

The software then automatically analyzes the performance of every customer marketing campaign – in monetary terms – using test and control groups or A/B tests. Every campaign thus becomes a measurable marketing experiment which feeds the software’s self-learning recommendation engine!

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