Maximize customer lifetime value at
every point in the customer lifecycle.

Stop addressing large, non-homogeneous groups of customers and hoping for the best.
Optimove removes the guesswork and guides you towards the most effective
marketing action, for every customer, every time.

The Optimove Promise

Increase Conversions

Know what marketing actions will be most successful at converting non-paying users into paying customers.

Increase Spend

Determine and run the best action for each active customer to increase spend levels.

Maintain Loyalty

Offer the promotions and incentives which are most effective at keeping your most valuable customers happy and engaged.

Reduce Churn

Identify customers who are about to churn and run the marketing actions most effective at retaining them.

Retrieve “Lost” Customers

Run the marketing actions most likely to reengage customers who have already churned.

Trial/Free Users

Active Customers

VIP Customers

Predicted to Churn


Optimove Helps You Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

The Optimove software understands that each customer’s behavior is different, and that these differences play out differently at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Optimove was designed specifically to predict the future behavior of each individual customer and to learn which marketing actions will have the greatest positive effect on the customer’s long-term value to the company.

At the core of Optimove’s ability to accurately predict the most effective marketing actions for each customer is a unique method of calculating customer lifetime value (LTV) for every customer. The customer LTV forecasting technology built into Optimove is based on advanced academic research and was further developed and improved over a number of years by a team of first-rate PhDs and software developers. This method is battle-tested and proven as an accurate and effective approach in a wide range of industries and customer scenarios.

Optimove combines this LTV forecasting with continual dynamic micro-segmentation and a unique, mathematically-intensive predictive behavior modeling system. The results of these calculations are integrated into a closed-loop marketing action management, measurement and recommendation engine.

Finally, tight integration with your marketing channels make it fast and easy to automatically execute the best marketing action for each customer.

The result is a remarkably accurate marketing action optimization machine which allows marketing and retention experts to maximize the long-term value of each and every customer.

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