Data Science & Analytics, Israel

Marketing Data Scientist

The Marketing Data Scientist fills an essential role at Optimove. Reporting to the Head of Professional Services, the Marketing Data Scientist crunches large databases, analyzing customer behavior and discovering unique actionable insights. If you have a passion for understanding what drives customer behavior, this job is for you! Interacting collaboratively with clients to deliver outstanding results, this role requires exceptional analytical capabilities coupled with a strong understanding of business and commercial ecosystems, highly-effective management and interpersonal skills. This position is one which brings with it an excellent opportunity to be exposed to a variety of business verticals, to interact with high-level executives and to learn and grow within a dynamic, challenging and fast-paced environment.  


  • Consumer data research and analysis
  • Extracting actionable insights from large databases
  • Presenting research results to clients
  • Implementing new customer projects
  • Managing client relationships


  • B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (or final-year student)
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL
  • Robust Excel capabilities
  • Strong understanding of business and commercial ecosystems
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • High-level spoken and written English