Product & Engineering, Israel

Android Developer

Based in central Tel Aviv, our R&D operation is a dynamic environment, where every developer can impact the flow of technology – from introducing the smallest library to making big infrastructure changes. We welcome open-minded developers who like to share knowledge and help each other to push Optimove forward to the cutting edge of today‚Äôs tech. We are looking for talented Ninjas to join the team – strong and energetic A-players interested in developing cutting-edge technology to make an impact on our company and on the entire martech industry.  


  • B.Sc in computer science, or equivalent
  • At least two years of hands-on experience in Android development
  • Proficient in Android Studio
  • Proficient in Java Android
  • Understanding of scaling concepts and cloud infrastructure
  • Motivation to think, invent, learn and a passion to code


  • Experience in developing a new mobile SDK
  • Experience in cloud computing
  • Understanding of client-server architecture
  • Knowledge of JavaScript & Web
  • Familiarity with Android internals
  • Familiarity with FCM