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Advanced Retention Automation Technology

Your Internet business likely cannot afford the teams of mathematicians, statisticians and super-analysts that large corporations hire to create and maintain the numerous complex models needed to accomplish successful one-to-one customer marketing.

Yet, Optimove delivers the same power, by wrapping powerful customer modeling and campaign optimization technologies into a reasonably priced and easy-to-use retention automation platform. Just like the big boys, you will personalize every customer campaign to maximize revenues and customer lifetime value.

Self-learning, Closed-loop Retention Optimization Engine


Optimove Technology

Optimove’s technology is based on a repeatable, metrics-based methodology which predicts which marketing action will be most successful for each customer or “customer persona.”

The basis of the method is performing dynamic micro-segmentation of customers based on behavioral (and other) characteristics and being able to predict the future behavior of customers in response to different marketing actions. This predictive customer behavior modeling is calculated in terms of customer lifetime value in order to ensure the maximum long-term economic benefit of each marketing action.

Each time you run a marketing action on a selection of customers, the selection is divided into a test group and a control group. Optimove then evaluates campaign results by comparing the behavior of similar customers who received the campaign and those who didn’t. Sophisticated analysis, incorporating behavior prediction models and customer lifetime value calculations, guides the marketer towards the most effective campaigns to run against each micro-segment.

Implementing this approach requires a smoothly-integrated set of multi-disciplinary technologies, incorporating a wide range of data science and mathematical algorithms. Even for someone knowledgeable in all the required disciplines, performing and frequently updating such an analysis manually (e.g., using Excel or standard BI tools) is practically impossible.

Optimove is a Web-based (SaaS) software product dedicated specifically to the mission of managing and optimizing personalized retention campaigns. The product’s ground-breaking technology is the first to integrate all the micro-segmentation, customer lifetime value forecasting and predictive behavior models required to accomplish this mission.



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